Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I know, so it's been almost a year since I've posted anything! I'm going to try to do better! (Even though only 1 person reads this blog, and she already knows pretty much everything before I post it).

Ok, to catch you up:

I had Total Knee Replacement on my right knee on December 3. My very sweet friends Bernie and Duane, and then Jim and Donna let me stay in their homes to recuperate for the first three weeks since I couldn't drive, and I didn't want to be stuck out in BFE (which is where I live) with no transpo.

So, I've been in Physical Therapy ever since, and just got "fired" for not continuing to make progress. I got to 4 degress on extension, but can't get past 90 degrees on flexion. I had to have my knee manipulated under anesthesia in February because scar tissue was preventing me from being able to bend. I went back to the dr two weeks ago to see if he could do another manipulation but he says it's too late. There is too much scar tissue and it is like concrete and could literally break my femur. Yikes! He wants to wait until December (to allow my knee to fully heal; it's still swollen) and then go in sugically to remove the scar tissue. I also have a calcium deposit growing in my quadricep.

On the brighter side, I took a "staycation" the week before last and spent each day with a different friend. It was so much fun! And this weekend, I went tubing on the Guadalupe with some folks from my Singles group at church. What a blast! Cold water, hot Texas sun; perfect combination.